FTC Issues New FAQ Which Might Require Revisions to ITEM 12 Territory Disclosure

On October 16, the FTC issued FAQ #37 which disallows franchisors from claiming to award an “exclusive territory” if it reserves the right to open franchised or company outlets in so-called “non-traditional venues” like airports, arenas, hospitals, hotels, malls, military installations, national parks, schools, stadiums and theme parks. Many franchisors have long excluded these closed... Continue Reading →


Canadian Lawsuit Highlights the Importance of Franchisors Protecting their Brands

I recently read an article about a lawsuit involving Dunkin Donuts and the duty of franchisors to actively take steps to protect their brands and the consequences of failing to do so.  Although the lawsuit was based in Canada, it shines an indelible light on the importance of monitoring the various factors which play a... Continue Reading →

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